NHS Friends and Family Results

Answer Total
Poor 26
Good 169
Very Poor 25
Neither Good Nor Poor 49
Very Good 324
Don't Know 3
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Comment Date
I have had 2 appointments on 2 days so will comment on both. Yesterday I saw a paramedic and was very impressed by the care and knowledge he displayed. Today I had blood taken and the lady was gentle and friendly In great contrast to the blood I had taken yesterday at another surgery. Thank you Wednesday 17 April
Because the surgery is uncluttered and unbusy, the receptionists appear human😀, kind and supportive,and I was seen on time, buy a nurse who was polite, professional and had time to be greet appropriately.Dont change. Wednesday 17 April
Submitted my form online in the morning. My concerns were taken seriously. I was promptly given same day appointment - I was called first saying I had been triaged and they determined a doctor needed to see me and discussed a time which worked for me. I then got a confirmation text for my appointment. The doctor I saw had clearly read my notes I had provided when submitting my request. Saving me from repeating it all. He asked relevant questions and made me feel confident with his diagnoses and what the next steps would be. Each time I have seen Dr Slippe-Quartey he has been warm and very welcoming making him easy to talk to. Tuesday 16 April
I think all the people who work at watling Vale work very hard always found them to be very helpful and patience by the reception team they do so well under very difficult circumstances and doctors and nurses in my opinion are great what with the current situation they do a great job and always work hard to put people's mind at rest and I think the way the surgery is run now is good Saturday 13 April
Friendly and respectful service delivery right from reception to medical personnel seen. Friday 12 April